have you ever been able to copy a cd to a cd...

  athenrye 18:37 21 Mar 2008

if you ahve two cd roms/copiers

have you ever been able to copy a music cd to a cd direct without downloadng the music to your pc?

i was under the impression that you were never able to do this and had to rip all music to ps then copy it

my friend said no he used to put the bought cd in the top rom and copy it direct to a blank one in the cd copier below

is or was this ever possible

  alB 18:41 21 Mar 2008

Do it all the time, I believe the technical term is "on the fly" copying ....alB

  athenrye 18:44 21 Mar 2008

wel share the secret
hows it done?

do you need a programme, will i be able to do it with wmp11 or nero?


  eedcam 18:45 21 Mar 2008

Could be wrong but would say no it would have to read the first disc and store it somewhere prior to writing to the blank

  Sea Urchin 18:53 21 Mar 2008

Yes, Nero will do it for you. Go onto Data and then copy CD - it will guide you through the process. And you only need one re-writer.

  MAJ 18:56 21 Mar 2008

AS alB says, it's called 'on the fly', your burning software should have the option somewhere.

  athenrye 19:04 21 Mar 2008

thanks sea urchin
ive got 2 disk units so so should a bit quicker and easier

all these years and i had to copy some crap onto my pc for people when copying them disks

no more kajagoogoo


  malgall 19:05 21 Mar 2008

yes i have also done this i think windows will let you copy a cd to cd direct

  Jak_1 19:08 21 Mar 2008

I thought this was standard in all burning programs!

  woodchip 19:13 21 Mar 2008

In Nero I just click copy, it writes the CD to Hard Drive then tels me to put a blank disc in the drive. it then writes the copy

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