have removed my docs folder & want to put it back

  march 16:56 27 May 2005

got winds 98se

have done something silly

I was trying to do a new 'send to'shortcut by using start, explore, but somehow I have put the 'my docs' folder in the send to folder & also cannot access the 'my docs' from the desktop can someone tell me how to put the 'my docs' folder back where it belongs & how to access it again from the desktop please?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 27 May 2005

Search for my documents then use explorer to drag and drop it to where you wish.

Click the my documents icon on the desktop and check where it says the target is (C:\documents and settings\your logon \My documents) then drag it to that location with explorer

  march 17:32 27 May 2005

hello Fruit Bat /\0/
forgive me for asking this but how do I search for 'my docs' its a bit confusing to me,
is there any way I can do it from start, explore, then put it where it use to be that way (I think it was in desktop but not sure)or is that the way you mean?

  march 17:49 27 May 2005

have gone into start,programs, windows explorer, found 'my docs' in the send to folder, can someone tell me how I get to put it back where it orginally was please?

would it have been in desktop?

  iambeavis 18:16 27 May 2005

In "98", I think the location is C:\My Documents.

  march 18:22 27 May 2005

in windows explorer in the right hand pane do I highlight 'C' to open the window

then drag the 'my docs' folder from 'the send to folder' into the left window?

  iambeavis 18:32 27 May 2005

Double click the "My Computer" icon - you should then see the drive.

  march 18:39 27 May 2005

will try to explain what I think I should be doing

start, programs,explorer,

in the left window is drive 'C' in the right window is the items in drive 'C'

do I then drag the 'my docs' folder from out of the 'send to' folder' and put it in the right hand window that is open from 'C' drive?

sorry if anyone thinks I'm a dumbo but I get scared doing these things wished I'd never started trying to a new shortcut in the first place!

  Joe R 18:41 27 May 2005


as iambeavis states, the my documents folder should be in view, when you click on my computer.
Right click on the folder, and choose, send to desktop. create shortcut.

  iambeavis 18:52 27 May 2005

That sounds about right.

  march 19:11 27 May 2005

thankyou so much have done it with your help;

next time I have a bright 'I think I can do this by myself' idea I will ask for step by step instructions from someone first.

many thanks to one & all

x march

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