Have recently downloaded AVANT BROWSER

  iarno 22:41 21 Apr 2004

and set it to default. when I log on to internet, to start with I get a blank page headed 'About_Blank'. Ihave then to hit the 'Home' button to get my home page.
I went into regedit to see what I would find under 'About_Blank'.

I found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\INTERNET SETTINGS\ZONEMAP\DOMAINS\. 2 references to this, 'About_blank.biz and About_blank.ws can i delete these or are they needed for Avant Browser.

I also found 1376 other domains there and as far as I can make out they are all spam or porn. and i can only assume they are from the emails that come through. I have mailwasher free installed and always delete the emails I do not want, ie spam and porn ones.

Is it also ok to delete all these domains from the list.

I have AVG, SPYBOT, SPYHUNTER, ADAWARE, and SPYWAREBLASTER installed all uptodate. am running WINME.

thanks in advance for any help. iarno

  stalion 20:14 22 Apr 2004


  Totally-braindead 20:40 22 Apr 2004

I downloaded the Avant Browser and don't have any of the problems you mentioned sounds like some ads have got in maybe a hijack one to me but wait and see what the others say as I'm not 100% certain.

  keenan 21:51 22 Apr 2004

Run 'HijackThis' click here

and check logfile, if it shows this:

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = (without any web address here)

Delete the above and reset Home page.

  pharte 22:13 22 Apr 2004

I use avant and have noticed that it seems to have a built in firewall as If I try to connect to my learn direct site it will not load but does so on my ie browser.

I had the same problem when I used norton firewall and had to turn the firewall off to load the pages then back on again.

Just a thought

  iarno 22:49 22 Apr 2004

Hi folks been out and only just switched on. I decided last night to delete avant from my system and to revert back to btyahoo! browser at least for a while.

i ran 'HijackThis' and the line you pointed out had ended with the BT Yahoo! web address so I presume that is ok. thanks for the advise.

I think BT Yahoo! has a built in firewall so if i download avant again I will see if it affects it, thanks also.

The question on the domains has not been mentioned does anyone know if it is safe to delete them.

I should also add that at present since deleting avant I've had no probs with about_blank, strange?

thanks again, iarno

  GaT7 23:34 22 Apr 2004

I have exactly the same items under the same registry keys as you. I think they're part of either SpywareBlaster (SB) or Avant Browser (AB) & is meant to block/prevent those sites being accessed or loading any nasties. I'm not sure why the peculiar problem you mentioned is happening but my guess is that it may be a dodgy install of either SB or AB. There are latest versions of both available (SB - 3.1 & AB - 9.02.021). May be worth d'loading/installing these (if you don't already have them) & checking if the problem recurs. Good luck, G

  iarno 23:54 22 Apr 2004

thanks for your responce, Idid wonder if they were something to do with spyware etc. which is why I have not deleted any.
yes i do have the latest version of SB, AB I have deleted including anything in the registry.
So far i have not had anyprobs will give it a few days. and may try AB again.

Will tick as resolved but will keep looking for any other coments.

thanks to all iarno

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