Have old Pentium 133MHz NEED CD burner drive

  Laureland 05:41 27 Oct 2007

I have an old Pentium(r) 133MHz computer running Win 98 SE with 64Mb RAM. Does ANYONE know of ANY CD BURNER drive that will run with this OLD machine? Thus far I can only find drives that require minimum 1000MHz or need higher Windows version. I really NEED a CD burner drive but I'm losing hope! Any ideas, anyone?

  crosstrainer 07:57 27 Oct 2007

Have a problem here, the machine is an antique by today's standards, but your real problem is twofold:

Eith 64mb of ram, nothing is going to work properly...and although you can probably still find memory modules if you look around...it probably isn't worth the expense.

With up to date pc's available cheaply, I would suggest you look around for one that you can afford...It need not cost an arm and a leg.

You could start here:

click here

If you want to use your old monitor (not really advisable, as refresh rates have changed dramatically and many apps need higher resolutions) You could opt to buy a "box only" solution, but the saving would be minimal.

Good luck :)

  DieSse 09:56 27 Oct 2007

Super cheap new tower

click here

You'll need to add a CD-burner - but at least all the software is free - and it will work.

Sadly adding a CD burner to you existing box is not a realistic option.

  DieSse 09:58 27 Oct 2007

Or this click here
has the CD and DVD burner built in.

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