Have my USB circuits been damaged?

  Nosmas 15:56 20 Jun 2003

During a thunderstorm last Tuesday, lightning damaged my PC equipment - see my post - click here. Because I had heard a sparking noise from the direction of my ADSL USB modem and its lights went out I assumed that it had been burnt out. I ordered a replacement modem - Fujitsu FDX310 USB - that arrived this morning and having plugged it in I am not seeing either of the lights - power or synch. This makes me feel that the lightning has done more damage than I had at first thought. (My 56k dial-up modem still works to connect to the Internet but as I can no longer hear it beeping as it dials out, it too must have suffered damage). I had wondered whether the lightning could have damaged the USB1 circuits but, as I was able to download some images from my digital camera (from the other USB socket on my PC) I thought all was well in the USB area.

Today I have experimented with the connections and find that I am able to download images from my camera from EITHER USB socket - although when I swapped the leads over, Windows displayed a message that new hardware had been found and then that it had found the software for my camera. Would this have been because I normally leave the lead for the camera plugged into the USB socket and its "knowledge" of the hardware was only known to that socket and not the other?

The new modem did not display the power or synch lights whichever USB socket was used when I used the original lead. Nor did it do so when I used the new lead that came with the new modem. I am puzzled as to why the camera works and not the modem and would like to know of any other tests that I can perform. I have not re-installed the modem software and the icon in the system tray is indicating "ADSL Modem is not responding"

If the USB circuit(s) has "blown" I imagine it is not repairable, as it is part of the motherboard circuitry. Would the solution be to buy a PCI card with USB2 outlets? I have seen on the Ebuyer website click here a device that has three ports at the front and two at the rear and appears to be reasonably priced and received a 5 star review from one user! Has anyone heard of or experienced this device?

All suggestions for solving my problem gratefully received.

  woodchip 16:16 20 Jun 2003

If USB work with camera there is nothing wrong with them, it means you restarting with steup for your modem

  Nosmas 16:55 20 Jun 2003

The modem is USB and therefore takes its power from the USB socket on the PC. The 13 amp wall socket is OK as the computer and all accessories are fed from an extension power strip which is itself plugged into the wall socket.


How do you suggest I restart the modem setup. When I originally set it up the order was:-

1. Install the software

2. Install the microfilter

3. Connect the modem to the USB port

4. start surfing

I've just had a thought - could the microfilter have been damaged? Will try swapping it with another but I thought it was the voice side that is filtered and my phone connected to the same socket is working OK.

  woodchip 17:49 20 Jun 2003

You need to remove all ref to the modem in device manager and add/remove programs if it's a USB modem you also should remove the USB in Device Manager then reinstall by loading software before you connect the modem then reboot

  woodchip 17:52 20 Jun 2003

PS if windows pops up when you restart asking for windows disc point it to your modem disc and cycle through the disc contents until it see's what it's looking for

  Nosmas 00:59 21 Jun 2003

Sorry but I can't quite follow your instructions and would appreciate further clarification. Also I am puzzled, as you seem to be referring entirely to software. Is it possible for software to be damaged by lightning? As I said in my original post above I have not re-installed the modem software and the icon in the system tray is indicating "ADSL Modem is not responding". Doesn't that indicate that the software is working correctly and the problem is a hardware one?

Re your instructions for "re-starting the set-up", I am running W98 and to get to Device Manager I have to right-click on My Computer and select Properties. This displays a window titled System Properties with four tabs, the second of which is Device Manager. When I click on the + at the side of Modem it expands to show Pace 56 Voice Modem which is my dial-up 56K modem. I cannot see my Fujitsu ADSL modem mentioned anywhere else in the listed devices.

Clicking on the + at the side of USB Controller expands to show two lines: -

Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller, and

USB Root Hub

Surely I don't have to remove either of these?

In Add/Remove Programs I can see Fujitsu FDX310 Modem. Do I have to remove it via this method as there is an Uninstall facility in Start > Programs > Fujitsu FDX310 Modem > Uninstall?

  beeuuem 03:34 21 Jun 2003

The modem needs to be reinstalled completely. If the USB socket is working it probably is the software causing your problem.

Uninstall the driver in add /remove programmes. Unplug the USB lead from the computer and, with the modem driver CD in the CD-ROM drive, reboot. Insert the USB lead. The add new hardware wizard will find the modem and look for the drivers. THis is the procedure for BT BB from click here
When you're ready to start installation, plug one end of the USB cable into the broadband modem socket.

Plug the other end into your computer's USB socket (identifiable by the following symbol ). This will automatically begin the installation process.

For Windows 98 users, please make sure you have your Windows 98 CD with you. You may be prompted to insert this CD during the installation.

Your computer will automatically detect that the modem is connected and start the Hardware Wizard to install the software drivers. The process will only take a few minutes.

Once installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer. This will also close down your CD-ROM. You can re-open the CD-ROM once your computer has restarted.

On the odd time it has been necessary to reinstall the modem this procedure has worked for me!
Good Luck.

  woodchip 09:09 21 Jun 2003

Yes remove the USB in Device Manager and the Modem in Add/Remove programs and do a clean install of the modem, the USB may be corrupt in Device manager it will re-setup clean when you reinstall as I said above the reason I said to install the software Drivers id that windows will then recognise your modem when you restart in staid of just loading a Generic USB device

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