Have my sites been sabotaged?

  edenworkshops 09:23 23 Mar 2010


This morning I tried to log onto my site and a warning came up that the page was an "attack page" It also said something about my site downloading malicious software.

I was not able to get this warning page again, now I just get "file not found"

I tried going through Google to find out the reason and cure for this problem but you cannot actually contact Google direct.

What has happened, and above all what do I do?

Can I just delete the site and put it up again?

Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


  MAJ 11:11 23 Mar 2010

It looks like Google has detected something malacious on your site, it could be a mistake or your site has been attacked by some sort of malware. Using an FTP client, download all the files, back them up, then delete all your files of your host's server. Then scan all your files with antivirus and antimalware software, I recommend Mbam click here. Then re-upload your files to your host's severs. That should ensure that your files are clean, but it still might take a while for Google to clear the warning, at least until they next trawl your site.

  Graphicool1 12:11 23 Mar 2010

I have just attempted to access your sites and they sent my PC into a feaverish spin of activity.
Both AVAST anti-virus and Ashampoo Firewall blocked my access to your sites to your sites.
"A threat has been detected!"

  mark2 12:57 23 Mar 2010

click here google's information regarding your site attempting to carry on to the site anyway but blocked by opendns, perhaps checking the links in your off line pages and comparing them to those hosted online may point the way to the problem.

  beynac 14:24 23 Mar 2010

I would delete all files on the server and then reload the site. First, make sure that you change all access passwords to the site (host's control panel, ftp password etc).

Once it has been reloaded, check to see whether any threat is detected. If not, you can ask Google to review your site's listing.

  edenworkshops 15:20 23 Mar 2010

Thank you for your counsel.

Does anyone have any idea why both my sites have been affected? They are hosted by the same provider but are separate accounts.

I have been told to delete the site completely and install a new virus checked site.

However there are some folders on the site which have nothing to do with the website itself but are important and I do not wish to delete them. These folders just contain .jpg's.

Must I delete these as well?

I thought that pictures are safe?

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 23 Mar 2010

It is very easy to hide malware in a jpg file.

I think you need to do as suggested download the files and scan then reload to the server.

  DieSse 16:57 23 Mar 2010

I had a case recently, using a free hosting site, where a sub-domain website was labelled a problem by McAfee because of other unrelated problem sites hosted by the free provider.

McAfee said there was an issue - WOT gave it the all-clear.

Odd eh?

I searched for edenworks using Scroogle, and got this informative page about these errors click here

This click here gives you a diagnostic which you can read, and also a link which you can use to contact google about it.

Hope that all helps

  DieSse 17:01 23 Mar 2010

Many apologies for the mistyping

This is your diagnostic report click here for edenworkshops

It tells you what's been happening.

  DieSse 17:04 23 Mar 2010

I also suggest you contact your hosting company and ask how this could have happened.

  edenworkshops 20:06 23 Mar 2010

Hello DieSse

Thank you for the link to the diagnostic report.

I am a newbie to this.

You have obviously spotted something in the report as you say I should contact my hosting company to ask how it could have happened.

Exactly what has happened?

Thank you


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