have mailwasher, but need more

  end 23:23 16 Oct 2004

because of intense problems getting e mail notifications from my professional site due to , we think, their e mail address being treated as spam(!!), am thinking of giving them an alternative e mail address to use( I do have several); is there another program like mailwasher I can use with this other address; it is getting most frustrating not being informed of messages received on my professional site,(especially as I am in the middle of a difficult study course and need the support of my colleagues , but am not aware of their replies) and I am trying to sort it the best way I can; what can the forum suggest::))

(I"ll join other members in the dark room soon , as this is making me so cross:)

and yes, we are trying to tell my ISP thingi that the professional site address is NOT spam , but, the brick wall senario seems to apply here:(

  golfpro 08:58 17 Oct 2004

I use Yahoo, and within their spam control there is a means of either blocking or always allowing certain email addresses. I'm certain other email applications have this facility. You could also try subcribing to mail washer if you are useing the free version, I think they have this facility also, go to the web site and have a look.

  Tycho 09:07 17 Oct 2004

I have found spampal brilliant. It would sort out the problem tht you have because you can set addresses to be "Whitelisted". YOu set a particular address on the whiteist and SpamPal will always let it through. The spammer databases are kept up to date so my trawl of spam reduced from about 40 per day to nil.



  961 09:08 17 Oct 2004

I must say that Mailwasher works well for me and after 6 months recognises friend from spam without trouble. Are you using the latest update? I take it you are using the paid for version which is much more functional than the free version

If the trouble is with the ISP then the only answers seem to be to turn off their spam blocking system on your in-box if this is possible or otherwise change ISP although I accept that this is time consuming

  end 12:25 17 Oct 2004

can I please have a link to spampal;what I have just found does not look quite right:(

my mailwasher works very well with what I have here , but am on the free version which only takes one account;

spampal might be worth a visit for me; link please :)

  coolteentom 12:57 17 Oct 2004

I find SpamPal very useful. It is at click here

  961 15:32 17 Oct 2004

I rather did wonder if you were on the free version of Mailwasher

The paid for version that I have allows multiple e-mail addresses from multiple ISP's and although I realise there is an up front cost I find it well worth while

I think they have a free trial period which you may like to try and that will certainly allow you to preserve your existing spam database

They also have a link to a professional spam database that is constantly updated so that it really does cut the spam

  end 22:04 17 Oct 2004

hitch with spampal is that you need to use outlook express, which I do not ; I read my e mail direct on the server;

am wondering if there is a way I can set up an alert from one of my other e mail addresses ;
plan B)

ask for my e mail notifications to be sent to another of my addresses that WILL accept the professional sites address and not treat it as spam
when that address receives a message from my Professional site, to get that different address to forward the notification on to my default e mail address .

does that make sense or am I talking rubbish; and can it be done::))

or am I after the impossible

( all I want is to know when someone replies to my queries, without having to constantly open the site to check::(( )

and planC...I"ll probably join myself under the table with the spiders:)

  VoG II 22:08 17 Oct 2004

To get the e-mail sent to another address, you would need to change your account settings on the site.

  end 22:33 17 Oct 2004

"you would need to change your account settings on the site"

could u expand on that please::))

??on which site?

I want to try and get the e mail notification sent to a different address that will accept it, then for that address to tell my default e mail address there is a message for me ;

am I talking cobblers or::))

  VoG II 22:38 17 Oct 2004

On your "professional" site there should be a button or link etc. to change your account details (just as there is here).

Presumably it will allow you to specify a different e-mail address, send you a new password and, hopefully, off you go.

click here - any comment?

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