have lost freeview

  oldone1 09:53 05 Mar 2010

I have a panasonic tv with built-in freeview but for some reason I cannot view freeview.

There are 2 scart sockets and 2 hdmi sockets. I have a basic SKY box and a vcr both of which are attached via scarts, and a dvd player which is attached via an hdmi lead.

I have followed the instruction manual connections' guide. I now have analogue on the tv channel, SKY on AV1 and the vcr on AV2. There is nothing on AV3 and the dvd player is on HDMI1.

Can anyone offer any help as to why I can't view freeview?

  BRYNIT 10:02 05 Mar 2010

Most TV remote have a TV/DTV button. This will allow you to change between your analogue and digital channels.

  oldone1 10:11 05 Mar 2010

I can change from analogue to digital using the remote but it changes from analogue to AV1 which gives me SKY from the SKY box. I cannot get it to go to the freeview.

Somehow I have lost freeview.

  mgmcc 10:40 05 Mar 2010

In addition to the Analogue/Digital button, do you not also have a button to toggle between the TV's built-in digital tuner (Freeview) and the various AV sources?

  BRYNIT 11:22 05 Mar 2010

Have you checked your instruction manual. It maybe you have changed a setting somewhere on your TV.

Knew which Panasonic TV you have would help.

  BRYNIT 11:26 05 Mar 2010

Knew which Panasonic TV you have would help should be. Which Panasonic TV model do you have.

  oldone1 11:28 05 Mar 2010


I can go to AV1 which gives me SKY, AV2 which gives me the vcr and AV3 which gives me nothing.

In the past (before my son possibly altered something) I think I got freeview or SKY on AV1. Now I get SKY or nothing. AV2 gives the vcr or nothing. AV3 gives nothing.

  oldone1 11:48 05 Mar 2010

It's a TX-32LMD70A

I've been checking the manual but so far I haven't found any change of settings which might have caused the problem.

Will be this evening before I can reply again but am grateful for the interest being shown in the problem and I am sure someone will come up with the answer or point me in the right direction.

  BRYNIT 12:47 05 Mar 2010

Looking at the instructions on the top right of the remote you have a TV and an AV button. Pressing the TV button changes between the analogue and digital tuner. Now this may be a silly question but are you pressing the AV button in error.

  lotvic 14:09 05 Mar 2010

I may be dumb, but don't you need a freeview aerial as well as the ordinary aerial and Sky dish?
or (me being dumb) are you talking about Freesat.

This is a serious question so please be kind to me (that knows nowt about this sort of setup)

  ronalddonald 14:30 05 Mar 2010

you need to retune the tv set, surely there must be a section on that in the tv instructions.

Do you use the remote, does it need new batteries, scarts double checked. I had a similar problem with digi box.

Have you checked and looked at the roof aerial. no one walked off with it or knocked down from winds

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