Have lost all permissions on C druve

  wescliff 00:07 28 Aug 2018

I can access the drive and install programs, but if I try to delete or move anything I get the following message: Windows security Can't open access control editor. The activation requires a display name to be present under the CLSID key. There is no error code. I cannot change permissions anywhere. Anything in personal folders (Docs, pictures etc) seems unaffected. I have a restore point from first thing Monday which I will try in the morning, but may not have permission to access the dialogue. Grateful for any help with fixing this.

  simmotipo 13:12 28 Aug 2018


I have never personally experienced this problem, nor do I know anyone who has, however I've done some research and there seems to be a number of possible causes, all of which more or less stem from an issue with the registry.

I don't know what OS you're using, but my research seemed to pull up all most exclusively issues relating to Win8 rather than Win10, so I assume you're on Win8?

A couple of issues suggested an AMD uninstall could be the issues, however I've ruled this out since it was due to a lack of Win8 support back in 2013, which I doubt would still be the case now.

Another suggestion is that CCleaner can corrupt the registry if you've used that?

The third thing I could find is a Windows Defender issue that when it detects a change to a certain .dll (I can't remember which off the top of my head), can cause this.

The only working solution was, ultimately, reinstall Windows, however I did find that some people said there is a workaround if you take the following steps to access, move and delete (etc.) files:

1) Run RegEdit (in some cases, people needed to do this in Safe Mode)

2) Goto "HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mi­crosoft\Windows\CurrentVersion­\Policies\System"

3) Find a DWORD key named "EnableLUA" and set it to 0.

4) Reboot the machine.

Those steps fixed the problem with accessing files for most people, however prevents access to Windows 8 apps, and has its own security issues, however there is nothing stopping you from doing this, backing up all your data (just in case) and then reinstalling Windows.

Here are a couple of my sources: click here hope this helps.



  wescliff 15:39 28 Aug 2018

Hi, thanks for the advice, the issue does seem to have been around for a while as my research has shown. I'm using Windows 10. I have a few ideas, but as you suggest I'm just going to bite the bullet and reinstall. Have got an ISO which will be a bit quicker than hitting the Reset button. Thanks again.

  simmotipo 15:49 28 Aug 2018

No problem!

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