Have loaded Windows on new PC but it won't boot.

  the fool on the hill 14:11 27 Jul 2003

I have accumulated from eBay all the bits needed for a new PC- Athlon 1.33, PC Chips M810 mobo, 256 MB RAM etc, having assembled it, I had a problem formatting the disc (previous thread) which I eventually resolved. I then began to load Windows 98SE and got close to completion when the screen went blank and everything stopped.I rebooted and got a message saying that the operating system was loaded and I should not load another one. I then rebooted again without any response at all - no beeps - no nothing. The monitor quickly goes to standby as well. The power supply is still working (CD drive lights up and works OK) but no life anywhere else. Fearing the worst I changed the CPU to no avail, I have also changed the memory but still no good. If I slave the drive onto another PC, Windows and programme files are all on the HDD as they should be, but I still can't get it to boot.Would welcome any suggestions please.

  ellas 14:19 27 Jul 2003

I think I would suspect the mobo,did you also buy this at ebay and was it new,I also built a computer with a mobo from ebay,everything was fine then I had exactly the same as you no beeps,cdroms working,monitor going to standby,I bought a new mobo with the same chipset and that cured it.

  Smiler 14:24 27 Jul 2003

I'd start with the video card as you should get an initial beep on correct detection of the card. As you say the monitor goes into standby it seems that this may be a clue.

  I. T. Mastermind 15:08 27 Jul 2003

This is a simple solution seeing as I have delt with computers for many year I have come across many problems such as this and it is almost always the MotherBoard which has caused the problem so try replacing the motherboard and this should correct the problem. Also personally I don't trust buying things over Ebay especially computer components.

  the fool on the hill 20:00 27 Jul 2003

Having read these three posts I hought I'd better look at the price of a new mobo. I found the same board on ebuyer and started to read the reviews, the first one said this "Those that could could not get the board to boot should have read the manual. ALL PC Chips boards come with the CMOS shorted out! (The guilty can now all cringe and blush!) Change the link over and leave the machine running for 24 hours to charge the battery and all is fine." So I changed the cmos jumper, left it for a few hours and bingo it works. not sure if this means I need a new cmos battery or not, but at least I have lift off!!

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