Have installed 128SSD in my laptop with Windows 7

  manrow 19:09 02 Jul 2016

I will probably update to Windows 10 while still free. Is it then still necessary to install antivirus and anti-malware programs as Windows Defender comes with the Windows 10 installation I believe

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 02 Jul 2016

Always safer to have good antivirus and antimalware.

  wee eddie 20:42 02 Jul 2016

Windows Firewall is said to be adequate.

Windows Defender is regarded as being inadequate and, in testing, usually takes the bottom slot.

  AroundAgain 21:29 02 Jul 2016

I didn't think Win 10 was still free. Thought the free download ended 29 June

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:31 02 Jul 2016

29th July

  AroundAgain 21:32 02 Jul 2016

Apologies. Thanks Fruit Bat I've just seen it's July on - this page

  manrow 21:35 02 Jul 2016

Thanks for posts so far. Can anyone recommend best sites to protect my pc. I am concerned to protect it this time as wiping hard drive and re-installing is laborious and I hope to make sure not necessary in future.

  Alan2 21:45 02 Jul 2016

If you are a Barclays Bank customer you can get Kaspersky internet security for free.

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