Have I set up AVG correctly?

  ened 18:28 06 May 2006

because once a week I run a full test and occasionally it detects a virus on my machine.

I have just been reading another thread and it seems that it should be preventing them from getting in in the first place.

Is it normal for a virus to slip through and then be detected later?

  Forum Editor 18:45 06 May 2006

is it always the same one, or are they different?

Can you recall the names of any of them?

  ened 18:49 06 May 2006

I can't recall the names but I do remember they are always different.

Unfortunately I emptied the Virus Vault only recently - but the only contents were the Virii which had been detected by my manual tests.

  Simsy 20:57 06 May 2006

but to answer your specific question; "Is it normal for a virus to slip through and then be detected later?", I think the answer is "Yes".

But, providing the antivirus program is up to date, with a definition file that knows about the virus in question, it will detect it on either of 2 events, namely, when a scan is performed to look for virus files, (which is what you've done), or when the virus file itself tried to execute, i.e. perform it's nasty deed.

If the antivirus files on the program are up to date and knows about the virus, then, I think, it will detect it as the virus is saved to disc.

As usual, I'm open to correction. But that's my understanding of how the nasties are "policed".



  mammak 21:52 07 May 2006

And I stand corrected but is it not good advice to switch of "system restore" before running your AV as these little tinkers can hide their selfs in your restore points oh mabye im wrong but thought it was worth suggesting.
Ps. but dont forget to turn it back on after.

  ened 06:25 08 May 2006

Thanks for your succinct responses.
I'll sign this off as the question has been clearly answered.

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