have i the right key ( key finder) xp

  nobbyhigo 19:27 16 Aug 2014

i have the samsung recovery discs to reinstall XP home and hoped i had the right key the one under the netbook has been rubbed off i have used a couple of key finders and they both come up with the same code just wondered if they were the same thing in case it calls for the COA samsung nc10 xp home

  nobbyhigo 20:09 16 Aug 2014

no I havnt got the recovery partition or keycode on the disc

  Batch 20:58 16 Aug 2014

I don't think the key that keyfinder gives you will be same as one off the CoA label.

Reason for this is that the one used in the factory install is a bulk one used by the manufacturer. What happens is that they just copy exactly the same set-up onto the disks of a whole host of PCs and they use a generic key allocated specifically for use in such circumstances.

The CoA label has a specific key allocated to that machine to be used in case of a re-install from CD/DVD (i.e. it is your specific licence key that nobody else has).

Furthermore, the one used for the factory bulk install will not work if you try to install off CD/DVD.

  nobbyhigo 11:39 22 Aug 2014

ok Its done Samsung recovery disc didnt ask for any key just went straight in thanks

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