Have I really been hijacked?

  pcbobby 16:17 13 Aug 2007

As well as Spyware Terminator, I also use NoAdware V4 (not to be confused with Ad-Aware by Lavasoft).

On several recent scans with NoAdware, it has found the following.
Hijacker Internet Hkey. Severe
HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2000478354-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. (I have replaced some of the numbers with x’s)

I have checked the registry and found two HKEY_USERS entries with identical 36 digits, except the last one ends with the word CLASSES.

I use the NoAdware removal facility, but the warning message reappears after a few days.

Have I really been ‘hijacked’?

When I scan with Ad-Aware and Spyware terminator, all is clear!

Has any members had this problem?

  €dstowe 16:56 13 Aug 2007

There are numerous programs around which warn of all sorts of dreadful things that may be on your computer and then demand money to remove them. It has been known that the program itself infects your machine and then blackmails you into parting with cash.

I not saying specifically that this program is one of those but, be very careful.

If you have scanned with other, better known programs and they have found nothing, you are right to be suspicious.

  pcbobby 17:28 13 Aug 2007

Thank you for you comment.

I did actually buy the licence for NOAdware about a year ago and frequently download the updates.
But as you say, the better known software, have found nothing.

  skidzy 17:44 13 Aug 2007

NoAdware was once listed as a rogue program but has since been delisted by Spywarewarrior.

However it is listed as a possible rogue/suspect program click here

A simple Google has its doubters and fans.

Personally i think you are better sticking to the tried and tested apps.
Some advice if needed click here

Upshot seems to be with Noadware,once a bad dog...always a bad dog !

  SANTOS7 17:52 13 Aug 2007

Hey Joe, hows it going, not as bad as you think, NOAdware is a nafarious piece of kit that contains a lot of false positives that are used as a prompt to buy, Its detection capabilities are poor as well.

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

above is a list of the progs i use they may be helpful to you if you do not have them..

if you are still not sure
click here
there is a dedicated spyware forum in the link

click here
you will need HJT from this link and post the log file on the other,good luck.....

  pcbobby 17:56 13 Aug 2007

Thank you. I have noted your comments.

  pcbobby 17:59 13 Aug 2007

Dave, good to hear from you.
many thanks for info.

Will check these out, once I have washed the dishes!!


  SANTOS7 18:06 13 Aug 2007

glad to help my friend, watch out for that skidzy e know ezz unyuns too...

  skidzy 18:28 13 Aug 2007

Bonsoir monsieur Santos :-))

You keep those unyuns ,disgusting things :-0

Hope all is well your end.

  pcbobby 18:40 13 Aug 2007

Many thanks to you all for your help and advice.
I think it better to delete NoAware, and as indicated above, use the 'tried and tested' software - and free at that!

Kind regards.

PS. Take care Dave.

  SANTOS7 18:45 13 Aug 2007

My end is very well skidzy :-)

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