Have i got a trojan?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:05 26 Jul 2004

whilst looking through "end it all", which is a kind of task manager (that lets one close or protect progs from the desktop) i noticed

lsass.exe LSA Shell (export version)

it will not allow me to close or kill it, all options are greyed out??

is this what i think it is? and if so is there a free download to remove it?
thanx in advance

  sil_ver 00:09 26 Jul 2004
  helmetshine 00:21 26 Jul 2004


I think the first letter was an L not an I...if it is an L then it's a system process click here site did say however that a couple of viruses appear with the same name so you need to know where it is....if it's in the System32 folder it's ok....elsewhere and it's a virus...thats assuming your OS is eithe 2000 or XP

  spuds 00:30 26 Jul 2004

click here

You could download and use Trojan Hunter, and see if that comes up with anything.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:33 26 Jul 2004

its SMALL L lsass.exe

its shown as a system proccess but it does'nt show the actual address,

i wonder because for the last few days my comp's been taking longer than normal to do as its asked,
sometimes 2-3 secs

  spuds 00:34 26 Jul 2004

Trojan Hunter download click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:35 26 Jul 2004

thanx will give it a go,

(win xp pro)

  helmetshine 00:50 26 Jul 2004

Sorry zerotolerance..i realise it's a small L...i capped it tho as a small one looks too much like an i

You could do a search for it....make sure system folders,hidden folders and search subfolders are ticked in advanced options

If you find it in System32....System32/ddlcache and service pack files it's ok....anywhere else and it could be a problem

  ZEROTOLERANCE 12:31 26 Jul 2004

ok thanx,
im off out now il check when i get home an post result,

thanx again


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