Have I got a magic computer?

  [email protected] 00:30 10 Sep 2003

my modem is plug and play....according to device manager... i have comms ports, 1,2,4....if I re-boot .. my modem will install on com 3(huh) and work...I am using NTL dialup (hawks and spits) which disconnects me after 2 hours .. If I reboot.. computer can find modem but it can't communicate wuth it .. as long as I don't reboot its all right.. anybody got any ideas?

  Megatyte 03:07 10 Sep 2003

Chances are your physical Com ports are 1 & 2. Your modem will install its own port(apparantly 3). Not being able to re-connect would lead me to beleive that when you are disconnected port 3 is being left open, this will stop your modem from being able to communicate. A re-boot will reset all ports. If you re-boot and your modem can't communicate how do you ever get a connection?


  -pops- 06:42 10 Sep 2003

Not an answer to your query but can I suggest that you change your nickname from your email address to one that is less obvious?

Even here there could be some strange people to whom any email address is a temptation to do something undesirable.

  Jester2K II 08:53 10 Sep 2003

Also Spambots will pick it up and you'll be added to junk mailing lists...

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