Have I fell for one.

  [DELETED] 21:56 19 Apr 2006

Just got an Email offering 'Serif Page Plus 10' plus a resorce disk for £9.99 and decided to buy it. I have bought other things from Serif before but when I filled out the form to buy this I got an error message saying 'You card provider will not comply to this request, please check if you used the correct information or try using a different card'. This made me think I may have fallen for a dupe (Why would they ask me to use another card). They already had my address and even the expiry date of the card.
Does anyone know if this is a genuine offer or should I get the card cancelled.
Thanks if anyone can help.
Can't find anywhere on Serif to check.


  woodchip 22:00 19 Apr 2006

Contact them by phone, I normally pay for offers that way

  [DELETED] 22:17 19 Apr 2006

Thanks Mate Will try.

  BRYNIT 22:21 19 Apr 2006

As the Serif page plus 11 is out now it could be genuine, but I would contact Serif to confirm this.

Phone: (0800) 376-7070
Fax: (0115) 914-2020
8:00 am - 8:45 pm, Monday - Friday, GMT
8:00 am - 4:45 pm, Saturday, GMT
E-mail: [email protected]

If it was not from Serif you should contact your credit card company.

  [DELETED] 22:30 19 Apr 2006

I have PP10 and the resource but I got that email too.. I usually phone them if I have a problem or want to order something.
I'll give Serif their due they've given me up to date programmes free if I've asked if I could return something I didn't like or want and knocked money off what I'd bought as well. Very generous firm.

  spuds 23:09 19 Apr 2006

I would definitely check with Serif, about card security. If you cannot get through on BRYNIT's telephone number, then try this one 0800 376 5448

  [DELETED] 23:14 19 Apr 2006

You should be okay, this happened to me some time ago, it was a server problem or something.

I also purchased PP10 with resource CD from Serif recently for £9.99 so I think you can rest at ease, it is a genuine offer.

  GaT7 00:03 20 Apr 2006

Interestingly, a Serif sister site is offering v9 for £9.99 with a free digicam click here (similarly PhotoPlus 8, WebPlus 8 & so on), but no sign of v10. Cannot find v10 for less than £45 (except on eBay of course!)

Couple of reviews for v10 click here & click here, plus a v11 review by our very own PCA click here. G

  Stuartli 00:08 20 Apr 2006

Blimey, they must have huge stocks of those digicams - they were offering them two or three years ago...:-)

  [DELETED] 00:42 20 Apr 2006

I ordered mine from The Gadget Store.com which is part of the Serif empire, it was £9.99 for PP10 + resource CD and a further £3 for P+P.

This offer was received via an email sent to me for TGS.com as an existing Serif customer, I have also had offers for Impact Plus 5, etc, for the same price. It always seems to be the version which precedes the latest release, I also receive the same offers via Royal Mail

  [DELETED] 09:17 20 Apr 2006

Well I ordered it from the email and it was delivered a few days ago. Perfectly genuine.

It could be that you are using a type of card that is not useable on that site. I would check the supported cards, there is usually a list.

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