Have Gmail passwords been hacked?

  Newuser939 09:39 18 Mar 2015

I use Googlemail for my email address. Today I received an email from myself but copied to practically everybody in my address book. Presumably this means that my email account has been hacked so I have immediately changed the password. However, as my password was already a mixture of numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters and symbols, whoever got hold of it is unlikely to have just had a lucky guess. Is it possible that a batch of passwords has been stolen or have I just been unlucky?

  Secret-Squirrel 11:09 18 Mar 2015

I doubt that your Gmail password was hacked by brute force because it's very strong and Gmail should have blocked your account after multiple failed login attempts.

The most prevalent method to harvest login credentials is via an email supposedly sent to you from a friend or colleague who has already been hacked. You receive an email and assume it was sent by them and the email has a link that says something like "click here to view the photos/documents". You click on it and it asks for your email address and password. Because you know and trust the person who sent the email you happily enter those details.

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