have DVDs and CD had their day

  JeremyRundle 14:20 19 Apr 2017

This has more than likely been asked before many times but I can find no answer.

I am finding it increasingly hard to back up all my work.

In the good old days it was DVD, I tried Blue ray but that too is limited and SLOW.

I do usue RAID WD MyBook, and also use the old small 1Tb hard drives I have replaced on the computer with docking stations for backup.

But is DVD now redundant ans a storage media just as Cd and flexible disks before them

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 19 Apr 2017

Probably yes as a DVD will only hold 4.7G and most people are archiving much larger files nowadays and don't want to use spanned disc as a backup = they have been proved as not as reliable as first thought.

Today most people back up to either external HDD, a NAS or the Cloud.

  wee eddie 16:27 19 Apr 2017

Put simply, yes, but they will hang around for a few more years until the Supermarkets remove them from their shelves. I have not been using them since ZIP Drives appeared on the scene.

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