Hav I stummped you hall at last?

  ray27 08:27 23 Jun 2004

I have posted this recently but only received one reply, maybe I did not explain the problem correctly.

I have created an address in MS works 2002 version 7 using the letter function.

The problem is that whenever I use the spell and grammar checker it always states that, Spelling and grammar check is complete. Text marked with “Do not check spelling or grammar” was skipped.

If I delete all the pretty stuff and type something the spellchecker works OK.

It just wont work if the fancy heading is included, which defeats the object.

I have checked everywhere, tools options, the help function, but cannot find out how to cancel the “do not check spelling etc”.

Has anyone any idea how to correct this?

I know its only a small problem but with spelling like mine, as you can tell by the posts title ,it’s a necessity.

Many thanks for any advice

  €dstowe 08:35 23 Jun 2004

I think one of the problems, ray, is that not so many people use Works and it is distinctly different to Word.

I don't know whether this will work in your program but, a way of creating fancy letterheads and suchlike is either to place them in a header or in a text box. If in a header, the letterhad will be repeated on each page. If in a text box it will be on the front page only.

Have a look in the help files on how to use these facilities.

  ray27 08:51 23 Jun 2004

Sorry about the way I have spelt your name but I dont know how you got the E thingy

I know its only a small problem, and I will proably never use the letter function much ,but unfortunatley I am one of those old duffers who wants to know why things dont work.

As I have been retired now for some time and I turn to this forum for computer training, so to speak ,and have learnt a lot with the help of people like yourself who have put up with my, what at some times, are simply questions.

I will try what you sugest but would still love to know why it wants to skip text marked " "

many thanks Ray

  ray27 09:00 23 Jun 2004

As you can see I found the "thingy" so another small bit along this very long learning curve,

  Graham ® 10:30 23 Jun 2004

Have you not discovered the joys of 'Copy and Paste'?

  jack 10:51 23 Jun 2004

There are several instances whne the spell checker will say 'a' done' when it plainly has not, and you can see all sorts of miss speels and typo's
The way around it is to go to Edit/select all
then hit spell checker.
highlight a missspelled word and hit spell check and it will[should] coorect that and ask if the rest should be seen to whilst it is at it.

  €dstowe 11:16 23 Jun 2004

I'm always happy to help out if I can - no matter how simple you think your question might be, you have a reason for asking it.

Text boxes and tables are very widely used in all sorts of printed matter to allow precise layouts, overlaps, text orientation - well, anything where you want to do anything even slightly out of the ordinary.

When you have used text boxes and tables a few times, it becomes very easy to do some of the most complex things in your word processor and it's worth a few minutes getting familiar with some of their properties.

Good luck


  ray27 12:21 23 Jun 2004

I know about what you sugest but my problem is that no matter what I do it will not check the spelling whilst there is any of the fancy stuff such as the name and address on the page.

If I highlight and delete it and then type rubbish on the page it will work without any problem

As I said before it keeps telling me that, and I quote, Text marked with "Do not check spelling or grammar " was skipped
I just wonder if anyone can tell me how to cancel this instruction

  ray27 12:32 23 Jun 2004

I have tried creating an address and pasting it into a new word document but it still comes up with the same result.

I have even tried to copy and paste it in Ability Write but it will only past Plain text, none of the fancy bits,

I will now have to find out how you get that lttle r inside a circle that is after your name

  Graham ® 12:41 23 Jun 2004

I meant copy and paste my name :-)

To find symbols such as ® go to Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map. There is a way to make your own, I'll let you know when I remember!

  Graham ® 12:55 23 Jun 2004

Private Character Editor : Start, Run, type EUDCEDIT, OK.

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