Hauppauge Win TV USB

  cthooli 17:53 04 Jan 2003
  cthooli 17:53 04 Jan 2003

Has anyone ever experienced one of the USB tv cards. i had a look at it on the amazon site and it had a lot of mixed reviews. Any one care to add their own two pence worth?

  northamuk 18:03 04 Jan 2003

I got the Hauppauge DEC 2000 (think it is more or less identical to the Win Nova-t) digital terrestrial. I had probs with the first one, wonky USB socket, PCW exchanged it without a murmur. Second one works perfectly, excellent pictures and it records TV as well. Don't know about the Analogue ones, if that is what you mean.

  graham 18:27 04 Jan 2003

I had a Hauppauge USB from PCW, caused problems so got a refund. Better picture with Pinnacle internal but that had to go back as well! Think it's a conflict with my graphic card. Anyway try one and if it's no good take it back.

  Rose 18:30 04 Jan 2003

I have a WinTV USB card and had nothing but trouble with it until I visited Hauppauge's site recently and discovered a new Win XP driver. This works perfectly and the card now performs as it should. The picture quality and sound are good enough especially if you only want to view the 'TV' in a small window whilst doing other things on you PC at the same time. I have used other TV cards on my PCs and would have to say that I do prefer either the Pinnacle or ATI interfaces but once you get the hang of the Hauppauge one it's OK. The USB connection does make setting up very easy, but if you have a free PCI slot, internal cards are simplicity itself to install and considerably cheaper than the external version.

  tigger2406 18:33 04 Jan 2003

I have a Leadtek "WinTV 2000XP" or something: it's an internal one but a doddle to install and it does FM radio, records TV + radio (no, not at the same time), comes with a remote, and will do a pretty darn good picture even at fullscreen. (I once heard that Hauppage ones didn't have sufficient resolution for real fullscreen - this may no longer be true of course.) Highly recommended. Ebuyer had the Deluxe model (one up from mine) at around 40 notes last time I looked. Ebuyer also highly recommended, on price and service.

  cthooli 18:33 04 Jan 2003

Thanks that helps, i would go for an internal one apart for two factors, 1) i am on a laptop and it aint that easy! 2) i would get a PC Card version but they are a lot more expensive! Do u need an areial as well or is there an in built one?

  tigger2406 18:34 04 Jan 2003

Must learn to type faster :o)

  flick 18:35 04 Jan 2003

I have a Hauppage Win2000 Usb TV which I bought from PCW a few months ago. It works fine although I had a few problems with restarting the computer while the usb is plugged in. Solution - uplug it, restart, plug back in - this is with W98 btw.

  tigger2406 18:35 04 Jan 2003

Of course, laptops pose their own problems!! For mine you need an external aerial, I'm using a pound shop one and it works acceptably, the digital ones presumable have them built in...

  northamuk 18:38 04 Jan 2003

Can't really fault the picture even on 32" w/s tv.

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