Hauppauge TV with Windows 7

  Islandgirl 11:26 10 Jan 2010

I have Windows 7 Professional - I must just say at this point that I love it.
When I installed it I had the dreaded blue screen and it seemed to be the Hauppauge TV because when I removed all signs of this I finally got my PC up and running with Windows 7. I am afraid to try and reinstall the tv, has anyone else had trouble with this. Can anyone suggest another TV to try if this is incompatible - Microsoft seems to think this is compatible though. Joan

  Technotiger 11:33 10 Jan 2010

For your own peace of min, create a System Restore Point click here and then re-install Hauppauge TV, then if anything does go wrong, you will have an easy way to get out of trouble.

  Technotiger 11:34 10 Jan 2010

Hmm - should read 'For your own peace of mind'

  Fingees 11:48 10 Jan 2010

I had a slight problem when I used hauppauge.
However I just got windows Media Centre to find its own drivers Etc.
It found the tv card installation, and set up its own live tv viewer,using hauppauge drivers of its own, and was far better than the original program .

  pompyx 11:52 10 Jan 2010

Islandgirl, here is a check list. HTH

click here

  OTT_Buzzard 11:53 10 Jan 2010

When you get the blue screen, what error code was at the bottom of the screen?

E.g. STOP 0X00000050

Usually only the last couple of digits are important.

  Islandgirl 11:55 10 Jan 2010

Thanks Technotiger - I certainly intended to do a System Restore Point but wondered if there were any pearls of wisdom out there, as there usually is. Might get enough nerve to put the tv back on soon, working up to it. Thank you again. Joan

  Islandgirl 11:56 10 Jan 2010

Oh thank you Pompyx - this could be very helpful. Joan

  Technotiger 11:59 10 Jan 2010

Hi, not getting-at you, but just an observation ... If everybody left huge gaps in their postings, as in yours, each thread would run into dozens of pages!

Judging by your 'name' - if your are in Pompey, so am I LoL ....

  Islandgirl 13:19 10 Jan 2010

Thank you all, will close this now and pluck up courage. By the way Technotiger I'm from the Isle of Wight,and its jolly cold today here. Joan

  Technotiger 13:31 10 Jan 2010

Hi, Yes, very cold here too - I have been unable to get out since last Tuesday, (I use a Mobility Scooter) I am in Southsea, could probably see you with my binoculars if I were on the seafront ... LoL

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