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Hauppauge PCTV card software lost

  Terry Brown 12:29 12 Sep 2015

I have a Hauppauge PCTV card which I want to install in a machine running Window 7, unfortunately I have lost the original CD with the serial number on it, this means I cannot download the updated software from Hauppauge. Card ID is WINTV 32569. Can you help by either letting me know the serial number or possibly a copy of the original CD (Physical or via cloud mail).

Thank you

Terry Brown

  Linkslade 19:15 12 Sep 2015

Contact support at Hauppauge and they should be able to supply the disc you require.

click here

  TerryBrown 19:23 12 Sep 2015

I have contacted them and they want £22 for the disk, for that price I will put towards a new PCTV card. Terry

  Jollyjohn 19:33 12 Sep 2015

In my humble opinion, if the tv card is working, I would pay the money. I have tried several TV cards / USB tv sticks and encountered various issues. I currently have a Peak Digital dual tuner as my main media centre and an Avermedia cardbus for my laptop. Replacements seem to be thin on the ground.

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