Hauppage WinTV-Primio-FM Model 693 Install

  [DELETED] 14:26 16 Aug 2003

I am having trouble installing my Hauppage WinTV-Primio-FM PCI card. Inserting it was fine but it will not install all the relivant drivers off of the cd-rom and states the card is not working properly. I am running windows XP using an intel celeron 2.4. Can anyone talk me through how to get it up and running. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks Stewart

  [DELETED] 15:07 16 Aug 2003

Stewart, I have exactly the same card. I had no problems with installation. However when I upgraded to XP I had to download the drivers and application from the Hauppage web site as there were no XP compatible drivers on the installation CD. Once you have downloaded and installed the drivers it should work fine. I would, however, recommend using WinDVR to watch TV. The de-interlace routines are much better (removes the annoying horizontal lines you sometimes get with images that are fast moving) and the recording interface is brilliant.

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