Hauppage Win TV Go, freezing PC

  [DELETED] 21:40 08 Oct 2003

Friends PC with Hauppage Win TV Go Model 607 on Win XP.
Everytime he loads up the Win TV it will work for a few seconds then it will freeze the screen and the PC but the sound of the TV can still be heard. The only way to resume is to turn off the PC.

When first installed it was OK but after a few weeks it was freezing the PC all the time.

Any thoughts!!!

  woodchip 21:42 08 Oct 2003

Got to be something to do with Display drivers, it may improve if he tries downloading new drivers for is graphics card

  [DELETED] 21:49 08 Oct 2003

Thanks woodchip.

His PC is a new one, Would it be worth removing the existing and reinstalling the graphics drivers from the CD rom that came with the graphics card. Radeon 7000 64Mb I think it was.

  woodchip 22:06 08 Oct 2003

Even new there may be a newer driver at the site

  [DELETED] 22:08 08 Oct 2003

Ok Woodchip, will try this tomorrow.

Will post back after updated driver attempt.


  graham√ 23:31 08 Oct 2003

TV on PC = nowt but trouble.

  woodchip 23:35 08 Oct 2003

Never had a problem with mine. But it is the early Hauppage Win PCI TV, I used to run it on Win95 now on 98 and it as never been bit of trouble

  [DELETED] 17:23 10 Oct 2003

Have not updated drivers yet, Thought I would just check out the Display properties and the screen resolution was set at 1152 by 864 and Highest 32 bit colour quality. I changed it down to 1024 by 768 and medium 16 bit colour quality. Loaded up Win TV and so far it seems to be working Fine.

Do you think it could have been these higher settings that effected the Win TV working??

Can not see any recommendations from WIN TV documentation.

Will keep testing for a couple of days, if problem gone away will post and tick resolved.

  woodchip 18:53 10 Oct 2003

Yes I have Mine on 16bit colour and 800x600 on a 17" monitor, eye's do not get better as you get older!!!!

  britto 19:20 10 Oct 2003

plenty of info, click here

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