Haupage wintv proble

  Demora 16:39 01 Oct 2003

My daughter has a tuning problem with a tv card.

When she has the tv areal cable plugged into the back of the pc she can tune to the tv with rubbish sound, if she fine tunes she get great everything but as soon as she starts to watch tv either the picture is bad or the sound.

I told her to check the connections that they are clean and that there are no holes in the cables as this would alter the RF etc. (she had gerbils running round her room at Uni)

The other problem is that she is in Germany and in her room the tv is cable tv. (Germany are PAL... like us. we used to live ther)

Any help Please.

BTW she has the latest drivers and software package)



  pepe 17:26 01 Oct 2003

When you scan for channels there is an option to choose either Cable or Antenae, choose cable and then scan, also has she got the sound cable connected from the back of the TV card connected to the line in port on the back of the soundcard, and is line in option enabled in the soundcard options, or widows audio controls if thats whats used.

  Chegs ® 18:37 01 Oct 2003

I had similar trouble with Pinnacle TV card.I tried every permutation of Line-in+Mic,etc but nothing would work.I got an updated driver from Pinnacles website and it cured the lousy sound.

  troydi 09:06 07 Oct 2003

Hi, I'm the daughter in question! I have done all those things, it's set to cable, to Germany tv card is connected to line in port. I get good sound and good picture, just not together. I either get one or the other. I can get bad sound with a good picture and vice versa. It's like there's static. I've tried the pc in several different aerial sockets and the same thing happens everytime.

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