The haunted computer???

  martjc 09:01 20 Mar 2004

Just thought you people might like to hear of a stragne case. A friend phoned me recently and said his p.c. had lost the icins for his cdr/w and dvd player. Not remembering the proper procedure to revive them I suggested a reinstall of ME from his startup disk.

He tried that and for some reason it failed. He then decided to fdisk and reformat the HDD.

He deleted the single partition with fdisk, then created a new one. This is a job he's done before, so presumably he did it correctly.

The p.c. refused to boot from A: or the ME CD.

He then switched off for the night, the idea being to try again tomorrow.

Next day he switched the p.c. on with no disk in the drive and it booted straight into Windows!

At first I thought he was kidding me, but he insisted all this was true!!

Do you guys have any comment on this? How could it happen? Or is this machine truly haunted???

  Steve- 09:25 20 Mar 2004

It may not be relevant to your friends situation but in my early days of computing I purchased a copy of 98se and installed it on a new Drive formated and set up as Master, moving my existing Win95 drive to be a slave, intending to wipe it later. All worked well for months until one day the computer booted into 95 instead of 98! This caused me severe confusion until I realised the Power lead to the new drive was intermittent and, not seeing the C drive the system had booted into the only operating system it could find. Did your friend have another partition or drive with an operating system on it, if not then I can only think the formating was not successful.

  martjc 09:35 20 Mar 2004

It was a single drive with everythibg on one partition.

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