Has a virus slipped under norton a/v

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:38 12 Jan 2003
  TECHNODIMWIT 09:38 12 Jan 2003

just switched on pc and recieved the following warning imiediatly after post.

unable to initialize the virus scanning engine
database files.

pressed ok to continue.
system now shows no virus definitions loaded.
tried live update, but no joy seems to unload it self on reboot.

running me and norton 2002

thanks mark

  mikef™ 09:45 12 Jan 2003

I had the same problem when I used to use Norton and the only way I got round it was to delete and reload Norton, trouble is it got more and more frequent until I dumped Norton in the end.
To double check for a virus you can go to click here for a free on line check.

  powerless 09:52 12 Jan 2003
  TECHNODIMWIT 13:13 12 Jan 2003

no viruses found, but corrupted norton.

many thanks mark

  northamuk 13:16 12 Jan 2003

That's also why I dumped NAV.

  HighTower 13:58 12 Jan 2003

When Norton works I think it's the best there is - especially the auto-update feature. However, Norton somehow screwed up my Windows 2000 system by creating an install loop which I couldn't get out of except by manually going through the registry etc. Until then the sytem had NEVER crashed but I had to do a full system re-install to truly get rid of it.

I actually still use Norton, cos as I said in my opinion when it works it is great, and now it works fine! That's computers for you!

  northamuk 14:02 12 Jan 2003

The next crash WILL come, then they get progressively more common!

  « Ravin » 14:06 12 Jan 2003

been using norton 2002 for nearly a year with no problems what so ever. no virus nothing. maybe it works for some and not for others?

  TECHNODIMWIT 14:07 12 Jan 2003

a dvd application i loaded last night, dissapeared
when i removed norton, cant remember its name, but its gone.


  HighTower 17:03 14 Jan 2003

Are you saying that the next crash will come because of Norton, because of Windows 2000 or because generally computers are a bitch!

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