Has a USB Dongle knocked out my USB modem?

  QualBob 12:17 10 Jan 2005

There may be too many variables here but here goes - since a usb dongle was inserted into my home comp (Windows ME - yes, I know but I want to get this sorted before I migrate to XP!) device manager shows nothing but 3 bluetooth entries under modem and I can't connect to the Internet. System Restore still sees the bluetooth under Device Manager / Modems BEFORE it was loaded (?)Have tried removing all modems in Dev Manager hoping windows will pick up modem as new hardware but it doesn't. Has the dongle damaged the usb (which is a dodgy area in ME anyway in my experience see my earlier posting to this forum) - ie there is a patch for 98 on the Microsoft website but not for ME.... Anyone had similar probs? -or has a solution!! Thanks

  Graham ® 12:25 10 Jan 2005

Look at the USB root hub properties in Device Manager, particularly Power.

  LeadingMNMs 12:34 10 Jan 2005

Are all the connections plugged into an external hub, or an internal card ? There is sometimes problems with multiple devices and this reduces the power available to some devices.

  QualBob 22:12 11 Jan 2005

Thanks for the help - the answer was to take all the TCp/Ip items out of teh Network and re-install as the dongle had corrupted them. Windows would not see teh modem-even when I changed from usb to ethernet until those drivers were re-installed
Thanks again all

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