Has this thread been deleted?

  Nosmas 14:08 28 Jun 2003

Yesterday whilst browsing this forum I came across a post from GroupFC in a thread titled "Punctuation redundant now?" at click here He gave a link to another thread that had a very interesting post from PSF which illustrated the vagaries of the English language. I intended to copy it for the benefit of my grandchildren, but before I could do so my system crashed.

Today I have found the first thread, but when I click on GroupFC's link click here instead of taking me to the thread It takes me to click here Is this a fault on the PCA server or has the thread been deleted and if so why? FE, if you are reading this, please can you provide an answer or take action to enable the thread to be viewed?

  mikef. 14:16 28 Jun 2003

Nosmas as the FE points out frequently he does not say here why a thread has been pulled, if you wish to ask him, click the contact moderator button.

  Forum Editor 16:51 28 Jun 2003

Nosmas has taken your advice.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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