Has this site been hijacked by Microsoft

  xania 10:13 31 Oct 2011

Many times today I have tried to read a link from the main page only to find my screen full of an advert from Micropsoft and no way to go except to open the advert. I have to go back two or three times before the advert goes away.

Had the same trouble last Friday

What's going on.

  robin_x 10:48 31 Oct 2011

Previous discussions.

Note while messing with Linux yesterday, I did see the Microsoft Ad in Firefox.

It splits the screen, but there was an 'X' (close) in the top right.

  xania 11:04 31 Oct 2011

robinofloxley - the problem is that the advert does not have that option. In fact all you can do isd click on the advert, which, of course, merely opens the advert, or hit the back key and try again.

gengiscant - I'll try this on my home PC, but cannot on my work PC (where I sometimes need to access this site officially) where I don't have admin rightrs for reasons I cannot go into.

I really would like to hear from FE on this one, because we shouldn't have to resolve their problems for them.

  bremner 11:30 31 Oct 2011


Have a read of these threads Link 1 Link 2 and you will see the management are aware and acting

  northumbria61 11:40 31 Oct 2011

Use Firefox and Adblock Plus and you won't see any of this "rubbish"

  iscanut 11:42 31 Oct 2011

Also try Ghostery..it works very well


  xania 11:44 31 Oct 2011

Thanks bremner

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