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has the silly season begun yet......?

  kev.Ifty 23:24 10 Jun 2004

I know I know its got to be about computers
but my computer some times makes me larf as well as cry so here go'es click here sorry but some lite relief is needed
LOL :-}

  johnnyrocker 23:28 10 Jun 2004

bit iffy mate as there are at least two links to russian sites together with various pop ups which got stopped.


  kev.Ifty 23:33 10 Jun 2004

Yeah point taken , but i have been to this site a few times over the past few weeks and had not one problem.
cheers Kev..

  hugh-265156 23:44 10 Jun 2004

works ok here and the Russian site click here doesn't seem iffy to me.apart from the first being slightly politically incorrect :-)

penguin version click here :-)

  kev.Ifty 23:58 10 Jun 2004

Let me tell you huggy,to hear you say that is a relief (hear?...i know wot i mean) i was begining to think i had my a big mistake make with this post what with VoG's comments..
i have norton 2004 and have no probs with this site ..Thanks for putting my mind at rest , i thought i might be banished to the icy wastes..
a bit of fun.:-)

Cheers Kev

  johnnyrocker 00:04 11 Jun 2004

i only said iffy because if it's in a language i dont understand and my pop up goes crazy i get a tad cautious.


  hugh-265156 00:07 11 Jun 2004

well im up to date as far as antivirus and spyware software goes and i get no pop ups or any problems with your link.

the russian site link,if you copy the url into bablefish and translate it seems to be about hosting.

maybe im missing something here?

  kev.Ifty 00:10 11 Jun 2004

until we get the Forum editor smacking the ____
(please fill in the blank)here is THEE collection,have fun (your investments may go up or down blah blah) click here
have fun thanks good night
Cheers Kev

  hugh-265156 00:18 11 Jun 2004

have a look click here click here some links may contain swearing.all good fun though :-)

this site i found funny.been posted before but click here for some computer related humour.

click here is also a funny one.

  kev.Ifty 00:21 11 Jun 2004

i made this post for a bit of fun as i think you know. I am no expert on computers so when Johnny and then THE Man VoG (whom is respected by all)expressed reservations i thought i had done wrong. When you posted i was relieved to see your name
because you too are a respected member of this forum, so to see your name saying this site was not a risk was a bit of support i feel
Thanks Kev

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