has my pc died?

  harpo 19:56 20 Sep 2005

Any ideas folks - no life at all upon switch on. mains lead tested ok and supply getting to pc but no further. no prior problems or indications of faltering supply or dodgy fan etc. no evidence of 'burning' or overheating inside case or on power supply unit

No cooling fan or anything

Is it the power supply?

Worthwhile buying a new one for a 4 year old pc?

Any and all advice gratefully received

Thanks all



  MAJ 19:59 20 Sep 2005

Sounds like you need a new power supply unit,harpo, not expensive, about a tenner will do it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:01 20 Sep 2005

Agree sounds as if PSU has died but first check power switch on rear or PSU and power button on front of case.

  woodchip 22:03 20 Sep 2005

You should be OK with a new ATX PSU

  jh1885 11:08 21 Sep 2005

Sounds like PSU. Get a decent one though (at least 350W)

  harpo 20:33 21 Sep 2005

many thanks to you guys who replied with advice - look unanimous - I'll get a new PSU. Thanks again for taking time out to help

Best Regards


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