Has my PC ceased to be?

  cooldog 14:15 13 May 2003

It was on for three weeks solid (broadband), and then it was gone.
Started to smell bacon although we had pasta for dinner.
And then it just died. Something had burnt out.My wife wasn't cooking a late breakfast after all.
Assumed it was the PCU which had gone. Bought one with 400w output (just in case) and popped it in.
Now when i switch on the PCU and then try the power switch on the front, the floppy drive and system lights come on for a nanosecond and then die. Leave it for 20 seconds and then press the power switch in and hold it there and they come on for about 5 seconds.
Is it the motherboard (Supermicro P6dle)?, is it one of the two pentium II 300mhz processors i have in there?
Anyone who can give me a clue gets a bacon sarnie,


  Fr0z3n 14:22 13 May 2003

try to gain stability firstly with a minimum amount of components fitted. for example, leave out any extra hard drives/ sound cards/network cards etc. and try and get to the cause of the problem that way. if it was me too, id only only uise on CPU for now.

  Hotfingers 16:04 13 May 2003

I would predict that the m/board has gone. They
have lots of fuses in them and if one goes....
I managed to blow a power supply a little while
ago and had to change the board. I would suggest
that you do as Fr0z3n suggests first though. Do
you have volt meter? If you do try measering the
voltage going into the board and to the drives.

  cooldog 11:38 14 May 2003

Thanks guys,

Tried it with just the original single processor... no joy.Left out the extra hard drive and still nothing.

I think it is the motherboard. Haven't got a voltmeter either.

It was old anyway.

I'm now considering an AMD athlon Xp 1800 processor. Can you recommend a suitable motherboard? with at least five Pcis 2 ides, etc.

Dont want to spend more that £100 for both, may try Ebay..

Once again thank you


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