Has my pc blown up!!!

  Rickyv 09:56 08 May 2004

Yesterday i got my new mesh pc and there is a switch on the bak. I slided the switch and it put the pc on 115v and now it doesnt start up and the light inside has gone out. What had happened and can i solve this major problem? plz help

  byfordr 10:10 08 May 2004

Why do people feel compelled to fiddle with things they don't understand!

Have you tried putting the switch back to the original position? You will find most things are done a certain way for a reason.

There was a post about this a while back, and I don't think its necessarily good news for you.


  User-324448 10:11 08 May 2004

I reckon that you have indeed blown it up, sorry mate

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:13 08 May 2004

/eyes raise/


  SEASHANTY 10:19 08 May 2004

You have probably blown the mains transformer which will necessitate a new Power Supply Unit. There is just a faint chance however that the mains fuse has blown first. Check the fuse, but this is only a faint chance!

  Stone 10:19 08 May 2004

Likely that you will have blown the power supply at best, fried the motherboard at worst. Return switch to original setting and put new fuse in power cable. If nothing happens then the power unit is blown and will need replacing. If nothing happens with a new power unit then you will more than likely find that the motherboard has done an impression of an egg and been fried. You now have a very expensive side table..................

  johnnyrocker 10:20 08 May 2004

what on earth?!!! if it aint broke etc, you may be lucky enough to find there is/was thyristor/surge protection which may have tripped a fuse, disconnect from mains have a look if gone replace with exact type/rating power up and hope if ok you were lucky and dont fiddle again.


  Rickyv 10:23 08 May 2004

I have changed the switch back to 230v and when i changed the switch to 115v last night the computer was off already. There was no smoke or anything, just the sound of the psu shutting down.

  johnnyrocker 10:25 08 May 2004

could not have been off or you would not have heard anything.


  Rickyv 10:27 08 May 2004

it wasnt off at the mains but the actual pc wasnt turned on

  byfordr 10:31 08 May 2004

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