nobbyhigo 17:02 08 Mar 2011

i had a wifi signal and it dpopped so i checked with another netbbok and a i touch and nothing The router has not been moved or touched . so then i uplugged reset to default and tried ethernet with two laptops and nothing i can pick up unsecured wifi on both lappys so there is nothing wrong there should the wifi light up along with the power and internet on the router DG834 V4 What else can i do to test it thanks NOBBY

  onthelimit 18:25 08 Mar 2011

It may just be your internet connection is down. Which lights are showing on the router?

  nobbyhigo 18:38 08 Mar 2011

checked with my isp and its fine from there end, they said they have a dropped signal over the last few days but there is no modem showing up at there end

  onthelimit 19:53 08 Mar 2011

So 'Which lights are showing on the router?'?

  nobbyhigo 20:12 08 Mar 2011

upto 10 minutes ago green light was flashing olong with wifi light i have since put the pin in and left it thgere for a minute this time and now i have red and green lights flashing on power button

  nobbyhigo 20:18 08 Mar 2011

i have just pul;led the power lead and the red and light flashing has changed back to just green light flashing thanks

  rdave13 15:17 09 Mar 2011

Suerly if you set the router back to default then it won't have the name and password to connect to your ISP?

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