Has my HDD been defragged or not?

  Nosmas 22:22 25 Feb 2004

My o/s is W98 and I have a 10GB HDD partitioned into drives 'C' and 'D'. Recently I have had a recurrence of something that happened some time ago but appeared to have resolved itself.

Using Task Scheduler I have set it to run ScanDisk (Standard)at 2.00am and Defrag at 3.00am on the 25th of each month. Both drives are selected for ScanDisk, and for Defrag the setting is 'All Hard Drives'. For about two years I have been using the ME version of Defrag.exe which was sent to me by flecc, a regular and knowledgeable contributor to this forum.

This morning I opened the Task Scheduler window and it showed that both jobs had been run at the scheduled times, and both were next scheduled to run on 25/03/04. However, right clicking on each of the drives in the 'My Computer' window and clicking the Properties tab for drive 'C' the 'Error-checking status' panel showed the drive had last been checked 0 days ago, but the 'Defrag status' panel stated the last defrag was 30 days ago. For drive 'D' both panels reported 30 days since last error-checked and defragged.

Exactly the same thing happened some months ago and also last month and I then had to manually start the ScanDisk and Defrag programs.

Can anyone throw any light on this? Also which am I to believe - the Task Scheduler report that all jobs had been done and therefore the HDD properties were incorrectly displayed, OR the latter were correct and that three of the four jobs had in fact NOT run and Task Scheduler is reporting incorrectly?

  dazzling (work) 22:29 25 Feb 2004

just a thought reschedule it to do it while your there and see what happens this should let you know which is right.darren

  Nosmas 00:19 26 Feb 2004

Tried your suggestion and both the ScanDisk and Defrag worked and completed without a hitch!!

The speed of the defrag (under 20 minutes) makes me wonder if in fact the disk had been defragged on 25/02/04 and the re-run only had to deal with any fragmentation caused during use of the system since that time.

Anyway thanks for your suggestion. It will be interesting to see what happens next month, unless anyone else has any ideas of the cause of my problem.

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