Has this HD bit the dust??? help please

  bof:) 23:22 13 Mar 2004

Hi All,

Got 'panicky' phonecall off friend that her pc had crashed and upon resatrting she cannot get even into safe mode.

As she is using Windows ME I went to bootdisk.com and download the boot disk for winME and set off to try and help.

I managed to get into safe mode but PC froze.

When I used the bootup-disk, I managed to get scandisk running but it stopped at 33% and gave the following message.

'Scandisk encountered a data error whilst reading the FAT on C drice. This prevents scandisk from fixing the drive'.

I did at one time manage to get into 'step by step confirmation' and at 'load windows drivers' I got a message saying 'registery file was not found.. registery services may be inoperable for this session'.

I've also tried to do a registery restore using the winME help file but when I tried this, the screen froze.

So, has this Hard drive bit the dust? I'd be grateful for any ideas because my friend didnt back data up (dispite me telling her to do so).

Any help would be gratefully recieved,


  bof:) 00:09 14 Mar 2004

Hi All (Again),

If possible I'd like help with this before tomorrow because I've promised to go back and see what else I can do. If anything?

Thanks again,


  bof:) 00:09 14 Mar 2004


  LastChip 00:13 14 Mar 2004

The major hard drive manufacturers offer diagnostic software that can be run from a floppy.

Download the programs, put them on floppy's and boot with the floppy and run the test.

  GaT7 00:44 14 Mar 2004

200+ free tips for reviving a failed hard disk - click here . Good luck, G

  bof:) 01:20 14 Mar 2004

Many thanks LastChip, can I run the test and retrive the data on the Hard drive also?

I have used the 'Maxblast' (I think it was) programe to get data from 1 HD to another Maxtor HD to Seagate HD. But will I be able to do this if there is a fault in the data within the FAT?

Crossbow7 Thankyou, I've downloaded the site you suggested I'll read through them both tomorrow morning.

Many thanks to you both and a special thankyou for you LastChip, you've saved my PC more than once.


  bof:) 10:49 14 Mar 2004

Hi All,

I've had a quick look at the website suggested by
Crossbow7 and it seems to be for a HD that will not function ie is not spinning.

The problem I have with my friends HD according to Scandisk is a data error in the FAT (File Allocation table).

I can hear the HD spinning but I just cannot get Scandisk to go past 33%.

So, if its a data error, is the only option I have to format* the HD and loose all of my friends data, that they didnt, backup. (Yes I know, I have told them time and time again to back stuff up).

* thats if I can get to format option.

My friend is using winME and I've attempted everything so far except whats been suggested by LastChip. I'll do that in the next few days.

All help appreciated.


  bof:) 10:49 14 Mar 2004


  W.o.t.i.f 11:47 14 Mar 2004

if the data is not important, try a format of the harddrive with the bootdisk and reinstall windows.

  LastChip 12:54 14 Mar 2004

Whether the hard drive is faulty or not, has yet to be established. This in turn will decide whether data is recoverable (at our level) or not.

If the hard drive is faulty, it may still be possible to read the data if you connect the drive as slave and then use the drag and drop method, or it may be back to good old DOS with a copy command.

Most data is capable of being recovered - at a price. But be prepared for a shock if you go down that route!

  bof:) 18:40 15 Mar 2004

many thanks to you both.

I had to check because the friend who's HD is giving porblems only tends to hear the words 'free' and 'cheap'.

I did suggest that she took the HD to one of our local PC shops who are very good but will charge for the service.....this offer was declined.

I'll take her HD out and make sure I've got the correct make/model etc and then download and run the HD checker that most supply from their websites.

If its an option of save the data at a cost or format the HD, I'm sure it will be a format.

I was just attempting to discover if a 'data' error in the FAT is the same as a physical fault of the HD.

Hopefully as you say LastChip if 'if's and buts's' were easy to answer we woould all be much wiser.

I'll run the diagnostic tests and then have a think.....thankyou for all of your help.

W.o.t.i.f this I think may be the final option.


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