Has this got anthing to do with "sobig"

  mammak 21:23 08 Sep 2003

Tonight i tried to order online however went through the process but it took my order then my personal details but would not proceed to payment details so i emailed the company, with the above details, then i received an email reading as follows,
From: Post Master
Subject:mail delivery notifacation
sender: my address. com
the following message has been quarantined by mail essentails for the following reasons
message contains attachment IMSTP.gif
this message from post master had an attachment
the one i sent (that is still in my sent folder did not) could anyone shed any light, i sent an email no attachment but it is returned to me with attachment. by the way i did not open the attatchment. in great hope Mammak

  [DELETED] 21:35 08 Sep 2003

click here This seems to be an incredimail flashing gif. Take a look.

  mammak 22:23 08 Sep 2003

mark500, thanks i do use incredimail, but cant get onto your click here, do you think thats the prob,going to bed now will spk soon ok

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