Has Google got the blues for my site?

  Graham. 12:21 02 May 2010

New in March click here, I've validated on Google both with and without www. Searches for Frank White and Frank White Band produce no results, apart from links to other sites, on Google, but readily get results on Yahoo.

I can only think that Google doesn't like the word 'blues' (pornography, drugs?) and won't display the site. I've now blanked out the word, both in text and meta tags, to see if that is the cause.

Anything else I can do to speed things up?

  Graham. 23:10 02 May 2010

On advice from Google forum, I have added a blog click here
Please visit and click on the website link, please, to help things along.

  Graham. 12:08 03 May 2010

Thanks, it's MS Office Live Small Business. No header tags but meta tags on here.

Google says 'No data available'.

  Graham. 16:35 08 May 2010

now on Page 3 of Google. Give it some visits for me, lets see if it will go to page 1.

  Graham. 16:40 08 May 2010

Blog removed.

  Ansolan 19:14 08 May 2010

Appears my previous posts had to be deleted due to the over long links but wonder if you saw these as you deleted the blog.

That will help but may take quite a long time for everything to settle down. In an ideal world you should put in place 301 redirects from the blog to the site but don't think that's possible with blogger. One other option is to try meta refresh, second best but likely to work.

What you need to do is edit the source code (HTML) of each page on the blog by removing all content and replacing this along the lines of:

<title>Moved to new URL: xxxx://frankwhite.info/newurl</title>
<meta http-equiv=refresh content="0; url=click here" />
<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow" />
<h1>This page has been moved to xxxx://frankwhite.info/newurl</h1>
<p>If your browser doesn't redirect you to the new location please <a
href="xxxx://frankwhite.info/newurl">click on this link</a></p>

  Ansolan 19:18 08 May 2010

You will need to replace xxxx with http - Just there to allow the link to display, although I missed one.

If you run into problems re blogger, there's a help forum at click here

  Graham. 22:46 08 May 2010

Of Google. I guess you have to have a little patience.

  Graham. 23:26 09 May 2010

Now at the top of first page.

  Graham. 00:01 10 May 2010

On Firefox, page 2 on Internet Explorer.

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