Has this email actually been sent?

  Charlie Babbage 21:24 04 Jul 2008

I'm trying to help a friend. She has apparrantly sent me emails to different email addresses, none of which have arrived. I have checked that she has not marked me as a blocked sender! She has the correct addresses.

I've looked at the Outlook Send/Receive Progress dialog box which looks rather contradictory. It says '1 of 1 tasks have completed successfully'. The green progress bar is full and under the Tasks tab it states 'pop3.rapid.co.uk - Sending. Progress completed' However, at the bottom it says 'pop3.rapid.co.uk -Sending' which makes it look as if the email is still in progress of being sent!

Any suggestions would be welcome.

  Pamy 21:38 04 Jul 2008

try sending to herself, she will then know if t is being sent

  Charlie Babbage 22:46 04 Jul 2008

Yes it is in the 'Sent' box but I've not received it so is the problem at my end?

As stated, my friend has sent me emails to three separate addresses and none of these have arrived. However, she has sent emails to other people and herself which have arrived! I'm still confused as to whether the problem is her end or my end.

I've just found out that her Norton AV is out of date so it could be a virus

  Sea Urchin 23:15 04 Jul 2008

Have you marked her as a blocked sender?

  Charlie Babbage 08:49 05 Jul 2008

No, I have not marked her as a blocked sender. She is in my contacts list. She has now successfully sent me a message to my address at merseymail.com but a message sent to googlemail.com has not arrived. Any ideas as to what is going wrong? She has the correct addresses!!

  cagey 22:16 01 Dec 2008

I have sent emails successfully , but they do not appear in the sent box. Any ideas?

  cagey 22:17 01 Dec 2008

Sorry meant to open a new thread.

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