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Has this computer been hacked?

  algernonymous 21:39 07 Jan 2019

A friends PC takes an absolute age to boot up, and everything about it is much much slower than it used to be. However the main problem is when entering any password on sites - that have always worked before - it now rejects them. The exception to this is his Gmail account which always 'auto-loads' when clicking from Bookmarks yet when logging in from another computer the password is again rejected. Is this a sign of hacking?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:16 08 Jan 2019

What antivirus and antimalware has he run?

  algernonymous 23:11 04 Feb 2019

We ran AVG and Malwarebytes. MWB found and cleaned 5 bugs but nothing seems to have changed

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