Has on-board sound been set up incorrectly?

  Liverbird 01:55 02 Jan 2006

My partner installed new cpu/motherboard/ram for me recently. It's great in terms of the speed, but hopeless for sound reproduction. Could he have missed something in the set up of on-board sound (motherboard is Winfast 760GXK8MC)?

I'd like to have a go at fixing it myself but have never tackled sound set up. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks

  Skyver 02:00 02 Jan 2006

Do you mean there is no sound at all, or the sound quality is poor/very quiet?
If you have no sound at all, hit Delete or F2 repeatedly when starting the machine, flick through the various BIOS screens, you want to enable AC'97 OnBoard Audio - probably under Integrated Hardware.
Then, select Save & Exit, restart - Windows may ask for a driver CD so have your XP and motherboard cd's handy.

  007al 02:15 02 Jan 2006

Right click the speaker icon in task bar and click Adjust Audio Properties.In speaker settings,click advanced and check the drop down box for your speaker config. and just generaly check the tabs to see if they match your set up

  Liverbird 03:16 02 Jan 2006

Thanks for quick response Skyver: The sound is very poor. It's crackly and breaks up.

  Skyver 03:39 02 Jan 2006

Does that happen with Windows/application/game sounds only, is playing a normal audio CD bad quality too? Do you have small speakers set up, or does the sound come through your monitor?
Check the back of the PC, your audio cable should be plugged in to the green socket (fingers crossed they're colour coded, most modern boards are) - green for speakers/headphones, red for mic, blue for Line In - you may have another output for rear speakers/surround sound or something too.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:21 02 Jan 2006

Sound setup
click here

  Liverbird 00:00 03 Jan 2006

In the end I had to call on my partner. I didn't tell him that I'd posted on here. He went through everything (the same as suggested above) but nothing worked so he uninstalled then re-installed the drivers for my new hardwear. He couldn't see whey this would work, but it did. I'm wondering if it was because he'd copied the programmes over from my old system and not re-installed everything. Anyway problem solved now. I've learned quite a bit along the way though. Thanks to you all, Skyver, Fruit Bat and 007al

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