Has blank DVD disc wrecked my CD R/W drive?

  Belinda 11:17 24 Nov 2004

I accidentally put a blank DVD disc into the CD R/W drive instead of the DVD drive last night and now my CD drive can't read/write CDs.

Have I wrecked the drive or is there a fix?


  scotty 11:25 24 Nov 2004

Try un-installing the hardware, power down then let computer detect and re-install the drive when it starts up. It is hard to see how a DVD would physically damage the hardware so hopefully it is a software problem which can be cured with re-installing.

  Belinda 11:34 24 Nov 2004

I'll try that - thanks for such a rapid and reassuring response!

  [email protected] 11:43 24 Nov 2004

Good News - if the blank disc was inserted correctly then it could'nt possibly wreck the drive. Not so Bad News - trying to read the blank disc [DVD format] has probably altered your read/write paths for your particular CDR-RW drive.
If scotty's advice doesnt resolve the problem, try here click here
Bonne chance

  Belinda 14:56 24 Nov 2004

Thanks for your help. Reinstalling drive etc hasn't solved the problem, sadly.

Thought you might be interested to know that I also contacted the drive manufacturer, Ricoh. Their technician's verdict is that the drive is probably dying and the DVD thing was just a coincidence. As the drive's quite a few years old I'm not really surprised.

Ricoh provided free - and almost immediate - email and telephone support (using an ordinary telephone number, not a premium rate number). In the light of such excellent after-sales service years after I bought the product, I shall almost certainly buy another Ricoh drive.

It's refreshing to be able to praise a manufacturer!

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