has anyone used wix.com

  polish 21:43 27 Jan 2011

iam looking at doing a website for my business and have come across these click here has anyone used them.is there a catch with using a company like this

  Ansolan 22:08 27 Jan 2011


Wix is a fun place but suitable for hobby sites only, unless you are in unusual position not appropriate for a business site.

The type of site can be problematic for some users and search engines. I don't want to start slamming wix, they offer a free way to have a presence on the web but to get the general drift, try reading in a few places like this:

click here

  Ansolan 23:54 27 Jan 2011

"I think the world would be a better place if Flash had never been invented."

With emerging changes e.g. HTML5 be gone in a few years anyway. Appreciate a number of people disagree but they nearly all seem to be flash developers.

  polish 18:04 28 Jan 2011

thanks for replys i will do further research to see which will be the best way forward for me

  Forum Editor 09:00 29 Jan 2011

when I couldn't develop a website for a client without incorporating at least some Flash content - the world of web design was obsessed with it, and clients expected it.

I longed for the clean,fast world of static sites, and gradually I was able to achieve it in my own work. I can't remember when I last used Flash, and that's just fine with me.

  polish 10:29 30 Jan 2011

thanks fe flash doesmt look the way to go

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