Has anyone used Skype?

  Stuartli 10:52 09 Oct 2003

I've been guided to the Skype website where details are available of a new P2P Internet telephone system.

It's claimed that the system provides high quality telephone calls (providing the other person or persons has the same Skype software), that they can be made all over the world and that sound standards are superior to a normal phone call.

The program provider also claims that calls are encrypted at each end, work through firewalls without configuration, ad-free and very easy to use.

The only drawback, if it is one, is the statement that: "Skype is based on cutting edge peer-to-peer technology developed by the creators of Kazaa and Joltid".

Does anyone have any experience of Skype? If so, I'd love to hear about it.

The website is at:

click here

  Stuartli 16:24 09 Oct 2003


  [DELETED] 16:55 09 Oct 2003

Just checked the site you provided the link to. It looks very useful, the only drawback being the same as with all internet communications, in that the called party has to be connected to the internet to enable the call. Other than that, it looks very promissing.

  [DELETED] 17:17 26 Nov 2004


I have been using skype for quite a few months now and make calls all over the world. The quality is excellent, it might be a bit slow on a dial up connection though, still it does work then as well. There is also a thing called skype out where you use your computer to call a landline or mobile, this does cost a little but at very reasonable prices, I haven't used this myself, but I know my dad and brother-in-law have used this facility. Use skype to ring your friends, it won't cost you anything apart from your internet connection. I personally prefer using a headset, but others prefer the use of a microphone and speakers. I would say go for it!

  Al94 17:20 26 Nov 2004

I endorse everything said above, works well for me too.

  [DELETED] 17:27 26 Nov 2004

Also tried skype, very positive. My only suggestion is the mic/headphone. Buy a usb set. £30 from maplins. With a front usb port makes life so much easier.
I made the mistake of the normal mic/headphone set , and now either got to scramble behind/beneath the desk to plug it in . And its headphones or monitor loud speakers not both. You can certainly try with just a mic and standard speakers, but your friend on the receiving end will hear an 'echo' of his/her voice. This truly could? be the next killer application!!!

  [DELETED] 17:44 26 Nov 2004


I have used Skype for some time and have made postings as you will see if you enter Skype in the search box. I have found it very good and clear. I use the mic in my web cam and my speakers although there now USB telephones and one is mentioned in computeractive this week, also Maplin do a handset. Have not tried them. I also use Yahoo Messenger as this supports video and as yet Skype does not. Hope this helps.

  [DELETED] 17:57 26 Nov 2004

Note:- Skype Cyberphone K Handset
£37.98 inc VAT (£32.33 ex VAT) at Dabs.com

  [DELETED] 18:00 26 Nov 2004

Works well. Stable, not too much drain on the PC. Really need broadband, wouldn't want to use it on dial up.

However, you do get SPAM telephone calls!

  [DELETED] 18:03 26 Nov 2004

I concur with what has been said and have had Skype for sometime now.

Calls computer2computer are excellent and free and Skype calls to a telephone are very good but can suffer at times if one of the paties does not have Broadband. These calls are also very cheap and as I live in Spain, this system can be a real boon for me.

  cjc42 21:15 26 Nov 2004

I've been using Skype for a while now with no problems. I have it running on ME and on Windows 98se with no problems. I've used it on PC to PC calls and PC to landline calls again with no problems. Similarly I have had no problems receiving Skype to my landline calls. I was very impressed on the speed of download,I'm on 1mb broadband, and the ease and speed of installation and set up of my account. I was making a Skype call within 8 minutes of visiting their site. Having re-read the above I stress I have NO tie in with Skype except as a satisfied user!

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