Has anyone used an online shop software package?

  Icemanrik 14:08 03 Jun 2004

Hello Forum,
I was wondering if anyone had used an shopping basket software package before to create an online shop. I am currently designing a site with a shop that needs to be simply updated by the client that has no knowledge of the web at all, I thought the simple interface of some packages such as jshop click here would be sufficient for the client, also this is my first client outside uni and I have no experience of making a shopping basket work and the transactions bit, so this would take care of things for me.

Thanks for that


  PurplePenny 20:31 03 Jun 2004

I've just started using PHPCart.net which is cheap, cheerful and does exactly what I want it to. However it wouldn't be suitable for a site where a client with no wen knowledge has to keep it up to date.

I looked at Os-Commerce:

click here

an open-source e-commerce package. It was no good for my use because it is an out-of-the-box e-commerce site and all I wanted was the "add to basket" button and payment processors. But it might well be perfect for your client's site. Adding new products is easy (if a tad tedious) and once set-up maintenance is through an admin interface. It looks pretty naff in its un-customised form but there are plenty of user written modifications for just about everything from the way it looks to adding new postage rates. There are user forums to help too. It uses PHP and MySQL.

A similar open source package is Open for Business:

click here

I haven't looked beyond the blurb and the demo on the web site but it looks slicker and more professional than OsC - but that is purely my opinion based solely on the external looks and the professional appearance of their web site!



  Icemanrik 20:15 04 Jun 2004

Thanks Penny, I have looked at a program called JShop it looks pretty good, all I have to do is now sort out the transaction, I have an idea through JShop using a service by them its good but the company will have to do the transactions themselves through their machine so if you got any ideas through a payment gateway that won't take a percentage commision that will be great!

Thanks for getting back to me!


  PurplePenny 20:14 05 Jun 2004

We use PayPal and NoChex. I think that they both charge a fixed commission rather than percentage based but I can't remember for sure.


  HighTower 20:01 06 Jun 2004

I used Actinic. As I've mentioned before in this forum it isn't cheap (around £500 I think) but it works very well and integrates with a payment provider for online purchases. I built it into the cost of the whole site though, so the cost wasn't that much of an issue.

For a payment provider I've used Netbanx and found their support to be excellent. They integrate with Actinic for a reduced integration charge of £150-ish I think (half price).

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