Has anyone tried Avant browser?

  Valvegrid 22:36 10 Jul 2003

I have been trying Avant Browser. It seems to work like lightning on this site. Has anyone else tried it and how did they find it's performance?


click here


  Tazfan 01:01 11 Jul 2003

Just trying it now. I had not heard of it before I read your thread. 1st impressions are that it looks like I will be getting rid of Opera! Its quick, seems stable, is easy to setup, well laid out, and it looks good as well.
Why can IE be like this?

  Valvegrid 06:33 11 Jul 2003

Thanks for the response.

There's only one small niggle I've found so far, that's the 'jump to' button at the bottom doesn't work. It's no great problem because I can, for instance, get to 'My postings' via another route.


  -pops- 07:25 11 Jul 2003

Tried it in its infancy and didn't like it. Inspired by you, Valvegrid, I loaded it again and so far, it looks excellent. Will give it a run for the rest of the day and come back later with my comments.

BTW, the Jump to is no problem at my end. Give it another try.

  -pops- 07:58 11 Jul 2003

Oh dear! The "Jump to" doesn't work now!!

No real problem though. I'll carry on.

  Valvegrid 09:25 11 Jul 2003

Thanks -pops- I also notice the java scripting is not working on some sites, which may be associated with the 'jump to' link which is a nuisance. It looks such a nice browser that if there are problems it may be worth my while feeding back to them the problems we're getting, so they can improve it.


  Simsy 09:29 11 Jul 2003

after someone else on these pages pointed it out. I can't remember what it was specifically I didn't like, but I didn't use for for long. I think it was Java problems.



  -pops- 09:41 11 Jul 2003

A have received two stack errors and one out of memory error when changing pages. These didn't seem to affect anything as it all continued AOK afterwards but, odd don't you think?

On the Java thing, under Tools there is a check box to enable Java applets. Do you have this checked?


  Valvegrid 10:28 11 Jul 2003

Yes I have got it enabled Brian, do you have a hotmail account? I ask because strange things happen on that site using Avant as well. Also when you try and sign into MSN groups, again, the buttons don't work.

I'll feed all this back to them, because potentially it seems a good browser.

Thanks also for your input simsy, looks like they've still got the same problems.


  -pops- 10:40 11 Jul 2003

Hotmail seems OK but I said that about the Jump to.

I'll try it again later.


  -pops- 11:13 11 Jul 2003

Afraid it's had to go!!

Much as I liked most of it, there were too many niggles occurring like the stack errors and OOM errors for no reason + I rather foolishly downloaded the RoboCop thingy.

Now the nasty bit - it doesn't like being uninstalled - neither Avant nor the Robo thing. It goes through the motions and tell you it's uninstalled but it it still there in the sys tray and can be opened with a double click. The Robo became stuck in a loop when I tried to take it out and was impossible to remove.

Thank you M$ for system restore.

Pity because it had some nice points to it.


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