Has anyone got a 64bit Vista recovery disc to lend

  buel 23:06 03 Mar 2010

Hello, my friend's Dell Vista laptop is displaying some odd characteristics (getting a 'script running error' when booted up, blue screening when defraggling etc) so i tried to use my own Vista recovery disc but got a message telling me it was the wrong disc, upon checking the laptop i seen that the laptop is 64bit!
Please has anyone got a 64bit Vista recovery disc i could lend?
Many thanks in advance-Buel

  rdave13 23:32 03 Mar 2010

Any help? - click here

  buel 23:00 04 Mar 2010

Brilliant!! Thank you very much!!

  OTT_B 00:24 05 Mar 2010

If the torrent fails i can supply an alternative source.

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