Has anyone formatted the C drive prior to running recovery?

  Diano 11:20 30 Nov 2014

Has anyone formatted the C drive prior to running recovery?

Acer desktop machine with Win7 Home Prem. 32b.

The eRecovery cannot complete the recovery process. It quits before running the last part of the installation, that is, the part where time zone and names...are set. It restarts the PC but can not boot into Windows.

I have the eRecovery DVD and have used it a few time.

I plan to have the C drive formatted, maybe a low level format, before running the eRecovery DVD. But I am not sure whether eRecovery can be performed after formatting the C drive.

Has anyone formatted the C drive and carried out the eRecovery or any OEM recovery successfully? Tell me, please?


  [DELETED] 11:59 30 Nov 2014

Try repeatedly tapping F8 at boot and see if the Recovery Environment has been recovered.

You will get a Repair your computer option. Try that first and see if it can fix the boot sectors.


It's likely you have a hidden Recovery Partition on the main Hard Disk Drive (Disk 0).

C: is just a partition on it.

It's possible you could format just C: but you might accidentally format the whole drive, including the Recovery Partition.

I'm not sure it's the problem anyway.

System Recoveries doesn't always work. Another option is to try it again.


You can also burn a clean copy of W7 to a blank DVD on a working computer. Do this while eRecovery is trundling away on the broken machine.

The DVD also has a copy of the Repair your computer Recovery Environment or you can use it to install Windows 7 and forget about eRecovery. (assuming you have the W7 License Key on a label on the PC)

click here

(scrolldown to your correct English USA iso version)

  Diano 06:09 01 Dec 2014

Thank you.

There is nothing as a "Recovery Environment" or a "Repair your computer" option in the menu called out by tapping on F8. There is a Safe Mode but can not boot it because of the incompletion of Windows installation by eRecovery.

I don't think that I'll have other partitions formatted or damaged if I format only the DRIVE C unless that there is some secret connection between partition C and the OEM set partition [partition 0] containing the eRecovery OS. This is what I am afraid of and it's why I am asking if anyone has actual experience on FORMATTING C prior to running eRecovery.

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